Best silver read ever

Older Adult fiction

I have found the most exciting read worthy book. The Book of Old Ladies: Celebration Women of a Certain Age in Fiction, by Ruth O Saxon, was published  this September.  It is a beautiful culmination of her attempt to gather in one place stories about older woman.  Literally, I just downloaded it, but will share more impressions later. Thirty one pieces of pure silver reads!



I have always read fiction to find models for how to live, how to be…. Stories offer us ways to make sense of our pasts and to forge a way of being in our presents and futures… 

I wanted to gather examples of good aging, of wise or surprising women over sixty and into their nineties, like beads on a string, a secular rosary to help fend off the fear of becoming elderly in a society whose mainstream vision of aging women is marked by fear, loathing, refusal, or reduction. I wanted to read the novels in which fictional older women prepare for the journey of aging, inhabit the territory, and become increasingly their truest selves.

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