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Sometimes it takes reviews to make an author go back and realize what they accomplished.  This one  brought out several  aspects of my novel that I had not even thought about!  And to think I  scrubbed the  preface I had written and took out many   explanations… but the reviewer understood my message of hope.

Review by Binsf009 — Days of Future Found by M. K. Wark

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[Following is a volunteer review of “Days of Future Found” by M. K. Wark.]

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3 out of 4 stars

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While I disliked the bleak view on the world to come, this book left me with an overall perspective that, despite what’s happening in the world, the very humanness within us and the real human connections won’t change despite adversity. These concepts within the book are likely to resonate with many readers, especially during this politically and socially relevant time.

I rate Days of Future Found by M.K. Wark with 3 out of 4 stars. I chose three because it was well written and entertaining. However, I would love to see the book explain the history of the societal changes and the characters further.

This is a future set plot divided into three parts. It is told from the rotating perspective of multiple primary characters, which was a well thought out narrative choice. Each character adds a diversity to the rich plot. Different viewpoints, past experiences, and ages of characters are explored through the dynamic politically-rich plot.

The first part introduces a fairly bleak but kick-in-the-pants visual on future reality. Climate change and extreme weather, widespread infertility issues, a changed response to the frail and elderly population, and various other issues are introduced as escalated and hopeless in a world to come. This book describes a future version of life with a negatively changed society, a torched environment, stricter government control, and a rapidly disappearing elderly population.

The second part sets the plot in motion on a journey by train to New Florida. The reality of the aging population and government control, particularly over individual health levels, is investigated. This part of the book takes on an adventurous and open-minded attitude and perspective. The journey shows a silver lining for individual character’s futures and for the future of society as a whole.

The third part takes place on what the characters refer to as the ghost ship. Once the reality of the ship is processed, characters make decisions for themselves as to how they will find their own path in the wake of a new reality. There is a sweetness to the silver lining ending. The book leaves readers with questions of morals and choices over government control and privacy along with human choices.

This book could be improved with a prologue or a better background explanation at the beginning. It was exceptionally well edited. After getting into the plot, it was easy to follow.

Days of Future Found is recommended for a young adult audience with an adventurous and politically curious mindset. It would also be recommended for anybody with an open mind, a hope for the future, and an ability and willingness to help make the world a better place.

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