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Review by HP3602 — Days of Future Found by M. K. Wark

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[Following is a volunteer review of “Days of Future Found” by M. K. Wark.]

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3 out of 4 stars

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‘Days of Future Found’ by M.K. Wark is an exceptional novel that expounds upon how multiple generations of inhabitants of a dystopian society respond to the scientific and cultural state of their society, and also displays the results of when these generations choose to take action within their society.

I particularly enjoyed that the book offered a variety of different perspectives through characters such as Ella, Riley, Alvi, and Harold. I think that when each character gets a chance to provide their own insight into the world that they live in and the challenges that they face, it adds depth to the story. The overall bleakness of this world coupled with the glimpses of hope that the characters experience through interactions with others and occupying themselves with their favorite hobbies really makes this book enjoyable. This along with their development throughout the course of the novel shows that they are not only a product of their rapidly-changing society but members of their society trying to find their unique place in it.

I also enjoyed that there were underlying competing themes of reminiscing on the past and looking forward to a hopefully brighter future, which I believe encompasses two sides of the human spirit. It also caused me to stop and ponder on the technological and cultural state of global society today and reflect upon what the future for our world could hold as well as the world of the novel.

The largest issue that I felt with the book was its pacing. For the majority of the novel, the pacing was well-suited for the plot, but there were other moments where it felt like the plot slightly dragged and I temporarily lost interest, particularly during the first section of the novel. However, these lapses were brief and minimal, as well as nonexistent during the second and third sections of the novel. I did not notice any major grammatical errors nor errors in continuity and Wark’s style accentuates the aforementioned themes. The plot was well-developed and the novel was clearly well-edited throughout. Also, there was neither vulgar language nor inappropriate scenes, which added to my personal enjoyment of the novel.

Overall, I rate this book three out of four stars for the strength of its characters, intrigue of its premise, impeccable diction, figurative language that highlights descriptions, and successful execution of portraying a dystopia that simultaneously thrives on the sometimes-contradictory forces of skepticism, progression, and hope. I recommend that anyone who takes pleasure in exploring engaging literary dystopias read ‘Days of Future Found’.

Days of Future Found
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