A timely read for book clubs


Still looking for some good Silver Reads recommendations for older characters in fiction.  I have  gone through many of the current award lists and upcoming books and I keep coming up short.


MEANWHILE 🙂 It took a few months but I finally got my editorial review form OnlineBookClub.org

Very proud of the reviewer insights into the intent of my novel.

Here is an abbreviated version of it:

Days of Future Found by M.K. Wark is a different sort of dystopian novel. There are no heroes or action scenes here, though there is a touch of intrigue. Instead of typical post-apocalyptic fare, the author uses the story to evoke questions that, while particularly relevant to ‘Elders,’ are equally pertinent to many ages. How do you establish an acceptable balance between personal independence and the demands of society? In an increasingly uncertain world, how do you determine what is ‘true’? Wark also explores several themes in the novel. Through Ella’s mental and physical journey, the author explores the ethics and morals of genetic manipulation, pushing the boundaries of comfort zones, possible concepts of a meaningful life, and the value of risk-taking.

M.K. Wark excels in descriptions of his created world and its characters. Although the details of the ravaged world and how it came to be are not spelled out explicitly, Wark successfully communicates its desolation, juxtaposed sharply with the comfort and safety the colony offers. The story is written in simple, clear language and told primarily through the thought processes of the characters. Ella is the central character in the book. She is an active, surprisingly spry, and delightfully mischievous Elder. The reader is inevitably drawn to become invested in her life and search for purpose. The principal focus is on Ella’s reasoning’s and rationalizations as she strives to come to terms with her potential for an unlimited lifespan, the implications for her personal future, and the conceivable impact of the discovery on humanity.

 At its core, this novel is about a possible future which, in many ways, parallels the direction of our own…There was little I did not like about this book. What I enjoyed the most was the thread of humor the author had interwoven throughout the story. I also loved the unique twist of having a protagonist who is at once both old and young…Days of Future Found is a book that makes you take a hard look at the environmental changes taking place in our world today…Reminiscent of the masterful dystopian works of Aldous Huxley, George Orwell, and Lois Lowry, I would recommend it to readers of any age who are fond of thought-provoking post-apocalyptic or dystopian novels. If you’ve ever found yourself dwelling on what the Earth you’re leaving for your grandchildren will be like, this is a must-read. How far outside the box are you willing to think and venture to secure for them a better, healthier future?


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