A review appreciating older characters

Older Adult fiction

Finding your readership as an author is daunting when you are jumping between genres and trying to go against the grain and have an older character be the focus.  A recent review on Net Galley made me feel like my Silver Reads approach is not all that crazy.

Thank you Carole Z:

I enjoy science fiction/dystopian lit, but rarely — if ever — find characters that are older than teenagers. Days of Future Found is a novel with “mature” and interesting characters. Ellie, the main protagonist is a woman of 60+. She’s lively, interesting and detailed. The premise of “Days of Future Found” examines the fate of older people in a post-climate change world. I enjoyed reading about the Ellie’s world and the people within it. I’d an enjoy a sequel to see how Ellie and company fare.


So it is exactly three years to the day that I started Days of Future Found..maybe it is time to reassess starting that sequel!

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