Looking for characters on the mature side

Older Adult fiction

As the best of  year lists subside, I am now scanning the anticipated book releases for 2020. What am I looking for? Any novel whose main character is on the older side and would ‘qualify’ as a silver read.

It is easy to spot the YA (Young Adult) genre.  Everyone has read the tales of new adolescents and slightly older (New Adult) that highlight the struggle of growing up and finding your place in the world.  Characters are put through their paces as they deal with identify issues, the angst of changes in their body or fear being isolated.

The irony is that older adults have many parallel tracks going on in our lives.  As we age our sense of identity and self worth can change for better or worse.  We can feel defeated by outside forces.  Fiction should reflect the struggles of all age groups.

I do not mean the charming old lady/gent type of books where they go on unlikely adventures or solve mysteries. Often there is no real depth of character.  Spare me stories of old ladies who murder people who get in their way by tripping people down stairs with their canes

Maybe younger readers are having another kind of OK Boomer moment.  Anything to do with aging -don’t bother me.  Well then… it is a shame as there is much to learn from reading about  really owning being past your prime.

Be on the look out for silver read titles and share them here!

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