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I am happy to say there will be an editorial review in the December 2019 issue of California Bookwatch for Days of Future Found. My quest to find the niche that is the older reader interested in reading about older characters and their issues is not an easy one.

People read books to be thrilled, solve mystery and  and find romance. YA addresses the angst of growing into an adult role.  My novel is about an older woman trying to figure out  what to do with the rest of her long life.  I am very happy to say a reviewer’s “gets it”.

Days of Future Found examines life purpose, comfort zones, risk-taking, and the moral and ethical promises of longevity and privilege alike as it follows Ella’s physical and mental journey.

More so than most dystopian stories, it incorporates a feeling of higher purpose as Ella struggles not only with her own potentially unlimited lifespan, but its impact on everything around her.

M.K. Wark crafts a tale that is exemplary in its descriptions of Ella’s world and her thought processes as she makes some very different decisions about her future. Wark takes the time to explore Ella’s relationship with neighbors and others, considers the influence of historical precedent on the future, and injects into her novel a sense of purpose and place that bring to life not only Ella’s psyche and situation, but the consequences of her decisions.

Days of Future Found is also a probe of elder rights, ethical and moral issues, and Riley and Ella’s changing relationship when Ella loses some of her fear and becomes proactive about her future and her growing power to change the inevitable.

Above all, it’s a thought-provoking journey not just through a changed future, but through the circumstances which created it and the individual choices which can alter it. As Ella learns to identify what is important at the end of life, audiences become engaged with the life and conundrums of a protagonist who is simultaneously both old and young. Readers will find her adventure and struggles compelling on more than one level.

Days of Future Found is a top recommendation for fans of dystopian sci-fi, who will find its creation and observations of a society in which elders play a special, different role to be thoroughly engrossing.


Thank you for your support. This is the still the beginning of a long journey.


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